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About Us


Leah and Charlie first met at Viterbo University in the Fall of 2009. Both music majors, they were involved in a number of classes, rehearsals, and performances with one another. As time continued, they spent more and more time together outside of school related activities. One thing led to another, and as they say, the rest was history.

After dating for three and a half years, Charlie knew he was in love, and decided it was time to propose! After he got the ring, he held on to it for several months, constantly trying to find a special moment to pop the question. It seemed that moment would not come, because every time he invited Leah to a nice dinner, date night, walk in the park, (anything!) she thought it best to stay in and watch a movie, or do something completely different (like homework). After much of this, Charlie finally decided that enough was enough, and he was going to ask that night–no matter what. It was April 1st, 2013–a perfect day for a proposal ;). They went to his apartment after a friend’s baby shower. He quickly hid the ring in a tissue box and feigned illness on the couch. Charlie asked Leah to get him a tissue, and she promptly tossed the box his way. With his plans foiled yet again, he decided to be more blunt. Charlie tossed the box back to Leah and said, “Look inside.”

Shortly after proposing, Charlie accepted a job near Dallas, TX.  The couple endured a long distance relationship until December when Leah graduated from Viterbo University.  Now both living in Dallas, Leah is employed by American Airlines and Charlie is employed by Embed USA.